Switching to ArchLinux

I’ve switched to ArchLinux last month, and now my setup is complete. I also tried (again) KVM with Arch, but I still have big performance issue with KVM, so I’m sticking with Xen.

The good news with ArchLinux is that thanks to “pxp_switch_catalyst” script, I can choose which GPU my Archlinux will use.

With Ubuntu, I had to install Ubuntu twice, 1 with Xen and intel GPU and 1 without Xen, and with Catalyst driver installed.

With ArchLinux, I can boot the same system with either Xen + Intel or Catalyst. If I want to play games on Linux, I only need to run “pxp_switch_catalyst amd” and choose the right entry in grub after reboot.
If I need to do windows gaming, I can run “pxp_switch_catalyst intel”, reboot, and start my Xen VM

Why I have switched to ArchLinux ?Well, I use Ubuntu at home and at work for 4 years now, and my girlfriend uses ArchLinux. I felt like a Linux Noob at home šŸ˜‰

I also wanted to try systemd, and to test KVM on another distro. I’m a little bit disappointed by gnome3 (compared to Unity) because it really have no features, and no customization possible. but I still managed to have something working for my usage.

I didn’t write a complete log of what I have done to install Xen, and catalyst drivers, but the ArchLinux wiki is a really a good source of information. I use it a lot, for Xen and also to make steam works ;).